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Looking to bring some character your weekly poker night? These casino-quality cards let you learn the fundamentals of typography and design while your buddy across the table spends another five minutes deciding on whether or not to fold. Now, you can pick them up on sale for 25 percent off their usual price.


The marketers for a typeface called "Dyslexie" claim the font can make reading "easy and enjoyable for people with dyslexia". The reasoning behind the font's design is intriguing. But before you get too excited -- the scientific evidence supporting Dyslexie's usefulness is far from conclusive.


Typography has drastically changed the way that we learn, work and communicate with each other. In the following video, stop-motion artist Ben Barrett-Forrest furiously taps his way through the medium's rich and detailed history; from the demise of hand-written books to the origin of popular typefaces (Comic Sans gets a drubbing, naturally).


It's not the only free-spirited font installed by default on most computers, but it's almost certainly the most widely, and often inappropriately, used. If you had your way, would Comic Sans ever see the light of day?