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I came to the sport of running late in life. Though I was on my high school’s track team for a brief period, it wasn’t until after I had kids that I put serious effort into running regularly. And over the last ten years, I’ve made great strides in the sport: along with four close friends, I’ve completed countless half marathons and seven marathons.


iOS: Navigating along roads is easy - just start up Google Maps or Waze - but finding your way on a trail in the woods tends to require a patchwork of PDFs, paper maps, and apps that only work for one park or system. Hikepack aims to change that.


Barefoot running is like skinny-dipping: Something that's already pretty fun becomes exhilarating and memorable when you're more deeply connected to the environment and your body. You can't help feeling the nuances of the water temperature and noticing your skin when sans swimsuit, and running without shoes forces you to pay attention to the world around you -- and listen to your feet.