• There’s a Much Faster Way to Scroll on Your iPhone

    There’s a Much Faster Way to Scroll on Your iPhone

    When you start swiping through a long web page, message thread, or document on your iPhone, you see a scrollbar in the right edge. It’s a thin, greyed-out pill that disappears almost instantly as you stop swiping, making it feel like Apple doesn’t even really want it there. But you should want it there. In…

  • A Brief History Of Touch Computing

    Apple’s MacBook Pro series is back in the media thanks to the comany’s announcement of the new “Touch Bar”. The Touch Bar uses retina display and multitouch technology to replace the MacBook Pro’s top row of static function keys.

  • Supercharge Your New HP TouchPad With PreWare

    Many of you bargain hunters probably picked up the defunct HP TouchPad last week, and though webOS isn’t exactly thriving, that doesn’t mean you can’t do some pretty neat things with it. If you want to go deeper, here’s how to get extra functionality out of your TouchPad.