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Pretty much every notebook computer on the market today ships with a touchpad to move the mouse pointer around the screen. And we've seen those pads become larger with new materials used to make them smoother and more comfortable to use. But Asus has gone one step further with their new ASUS Zenbook Pro 15 (UX580), announced at Computex yesterday. They've made the touchpad into a second touchscreen display.


Apple’s MacBook Pro series is back in the media thanks to the comany’s announcement of the new “Touch Bar”. The Touch Bar uses retina display and multitouch technology to replace the MacBook Pro’s top row of static function keys.


Many of you bargain hunters probably picked up the defunct HP TouchPad last week, and though webOS isn't exactly thriving, that doesn't mean you can't do some pretty neat things with it. If you want to go deeper, here's how to get extra functionality out of your TouchPad.


Most of the multi-touch gestures available to iPhone and Apple laptop owners don't require anything special, hardware-wise—except a patent licence from Apple. Linux users, however, can get some of that multi-finger goodness in three quick steps.