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Windows 7 gives users better ways to clear most everything but the desktop—namley Aero Shake and Aero Peek. But if you still cling to "Show Desktop," however, you can kind of get it back. Pinning a Show Desktop icon to the taskbar in Windows 7 won't work the way it did in pretty much every earlier version of Windows. While you can still create the "Show Desktop.scf" script, it just won't pin itself correctly. The Tweaking with Vishal blog offers a kind of work-around that makes use of Windows 7's utterly transparent toolbars. The short version: Create a folder, place a "Show Desktop.scf" file in there (either your standard Google-found kind or the script available at the bottom link), then right-click your taskbar to create a "New Toolbar" that points to that folder. Turn off the text and titles on that new toolbar, change the icons to large size, and then put your new one-button toolbar where you'd like. The drawback: If you pin it too close to the right of your standard tasks and pinned items, you'll compress them and require an extra click to get to them. If you don't mind having your desktop button on the left, though, or have a totally re-tweaked taskbar altogether, you're good to go. (Lifehacker AU editor adds: for my money, the still-functional Windows key-M shortcut beats all these options for getting to the desktop in a hurry.) How to Get the Good Old "Show Desktop" Feature Back in Windows 7?


The How-To Geek points to a nifty fix for Firefox extension fans whose status bars are seriously cluttered. Using a custom script and the Stylish extension, you can get your status bar icons to auto-hide and appear only when you move your mouse down to them. A lot of extensions pack handy utilities into their status bar icons, but it's not always helpful to have a weight-lifting fox, a monkey, three or four exclamation points, and a weather sign staring at you while you're trying to work. To use this trick, install Stylish if you don't have it already, then head to the link below and hit the "Load into Stylish" button. Image by The How-To Geek. Statusbar: Mouseover for clutter


Many of us Lifehackers are big fans of the StumbleUpon toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, but what about fans of Safari, Opera, and other browsers that want to happen upon peer-approved, wicked-cool web sites? The Digital Inspiration blog points us to a "virtual toolbar" offered by the site that works in most any modern browser—including the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Safari. Simply head to the link below, and the StumbleUpon toolbar should stay at the top of your browser for that session. For an in-depth look at just what StumbleUpon does, check out this Technophilia tutorial. StumbleUpon Demo


Firefox only: Love the bookmarks toolbar but only want it there when you need it? Reader Andy writes in with a tweak that makes the toolbar hide automatically, unless you mouse over it (like auto-hiding your Windows taskbar or Mac Dock.) To turn on auto-hiding you have to edit your Firefox profile's copy of userChrome.css Here's the code you need.