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About a year ago, I reviewed a couple of Tile's latest trackers and, while I liked the products and the way they worked, I was disappointed at how they were really a hardware subscription product. As the batteries in those units weren't replaceable, once they were dead, they either became landfill or could be traded back, for a fee, against new units. Tile has listened to that criticism and offered up new devices with user-replaceable batteries.


A few weeks ago, I published a review of the new Tile Pro trackers - dubbed Style and Sport. I have one attached to my car keys and the other to my house keys. I also have a Tile Slim, that I tuck into my backpack or satchel, depending on which bag I'm using while I travel. But a warning message that appeared in my Tile app yesterday has me rethinking these handy devices.


I've been using various Tile trackers for the last couple of years. These thin, plastic devices contain a Bluetooth beacon that communicates with your Android or iOS smartphone so you can keep track of where your keys, or any other device you hook a Tile to, are. Today, Tile has released their new Pro Series trackers, the Style and the Sport, giving their trackers a stylish new look as well as a tech upgrade.