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  • Ask LH: Are There Any Good Text-To-Speech Apps For iPhone?

    Recently I’m in the necessity of reading a lot of stuff and sometimes I don’t have enough time due to other tasks (exercising, making lunch, etc.) I would love to try a text-to-speech app (for iOS preferably) and see the results. Which is the best (non-robotic) text to speech app for this matter?

  • SoundGecko 2.0 Improves On The Best New Way To Get Your News Fix

    Web/iOS: If your feed reader never seems to drop below 1000+ unread items, it’s probably because you’re reading with just your eyes. SoundGecko — the brainchild of three guys based in Melbourne — uses text-to-speech to let you read online articles with your ears. And its iOS app has just been updated with a big…