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One of my long-time friends in the real world always gives me grief for "posting weird geek shit I don't understand" on Twitter. And yet it is he who now turns to Lifehacker with a query about an annoying experience he's having within Gmail.


Physically connecting a television to your computer is easy enough, even if you have to buy a new cable (or dongle) to go from your system to your television's HDMI input. Getting the two to play nicely be a bit of a headache, however.


Dear Lifehacker, I have a question that has been an issue for the last 3 years. So, I'll be honest, my boyfriend and I watch porn each separately on our phones. We each have gone through each others' phone activity through Google, and when he looks at mine, there are items in there that I never Googled, like live cams chat room stuff. I have never in my life entered this into my Google search but I have a suspicion that they are pop ups from the porn sites. I want to know how and why they come up as my searches. And there are other things that show up that I supposedly googled but I know for a fact I didn't. Can you help me, please?