tax week 2017

  • The 2017 Small Business Tax Checklist

    The 2016-2017 financial year is coming to a close, which means you need to get your taxes in order. If you own a small business, this checklist will help you to cross those t’s and dot those i’s.

  • The 2017 Small Business Tax Changes You Need To Know About

    This year, the biggest tax news for small businesses was the extension of the $20,000 write-off, up from $1000 in previous years. In addition, the company tax rate for small businesses has decreased and more businesses are now eligible for most small business tax concessions. We take a look at all of these changes and…

  • 16 Tax Deductions You Might Be Able To Claim This EOFY

    If you want to reduce your tax bill, you need to claim as many legitimate deductions as you can. While most people know about travel expenses and charitable donations, there are many additional deductions you might be able to claim. Some of these items may surprise you – from video game consoles and Netflix subscriptions…