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Pizza is the most sociable takeaway option and highly customisable, but there are risks involved even if you don't make obviously stupid choices like asking for extra cheese to be injected into the crust. Takeaway Food Week grabs a pizza cutter and looks at how to get the most value for your pizza dollar without totally sacrificing your health.


From global giants like KFC to your local charcoal chicken outlet, there are plenty of choices for takeout chicken and we're eating more of it than ever before. But are we always making the most sensible choices?


Two fast food giants dominate the local burger landscape: McDonald's (800-odd outlets) and Hungry Jacks (300+ stores). That means there's never far to travel for a burger fix, but be warned: if you choose the combo option, it's all too easy to make a pig of yourself.


This week is Takeaway Food Week on Lifehacker. In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, we'll be looking at the major categories of fast food in Australia, examining just how healthy (or otherwise) they are, and how you can avoid spending a fortune when you do decide it's time for a junk food fix.