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Now that the second season of Westworld is over, freezing motor functions on a delightful, but somewhat-confusing series for the next year or two, you might feel a bit lost about what you should do next. Find another show to binge? Re-read even more fan theories? Start writing out a delightful old-timey piano cover of your favourite 1990s alt-rock song?


Today's popular container formats, such as Matroska (MKV), can hold multiple audio tracks, usually for different languages. It can be the case that the first track isn't English, which means you'll have to constantly change it over, especially if you've queued multiple videos. If you're using VLC, there is a way to fix this.


There have been 18 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stretching all the way back to 2008's Iron Man. The all-consuming Marvel juggernaut begins to reach its conclusion with Infinity War, which sees a big, bald purple man take on basically every single actor in Hollywood for control of the universe. If you can't remember everything that's happened up to this point - this graphic is the perfect way to remind yourself.


A few years ago I moved across the country, a time zone away from my family and most of my friends. Moving across the country comes with a number of challenges, but the biggest of those ended up being the whole friends thing. Going from a decently large network of friends to knowing that one guy I hung out with at a party a few years ago caused some serious FOMO when my friends back home were going out or having a movie night.

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On March 15, Village Roadshow's CEO, Graham Burke, penned a letter to the Department of Communications and the Arts, appealing for a review of the Copyright Online Infringement Amendment.

What that letter contains is an eye-opening range of claims - of Australia ending up "as bleak as a remote Bejing suburb", linking piracy with "drug selling" and "luring kids" into "criminal neighbourhoods that proliferate with prostitution" and insisting "wondrous Australian films are often more important than people we meet in shaping our world".

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Read it in its glorious entirety here.


iOS: If the kid doubling as a monster wrangler in your life is hooked on catching oddly-shaped fictional animals (or if you're addicted to the game yourself), you'd better hope they have got a recent phone on which to play their favourite game. Pokemon GO developer Niantic has announced an upcoming update that will incorporate Apple's ARKit, resulting in a more polished augmented reality experience, but bar devices unable to run iOS 11 from playing the game. Sorry, trainers.


Sony gives you more than one way to add friends to your PlayStation 4 via services you probably already use. In addition, it alleviates the problem of managing lists of friends with long emails and gamer handles, all with a game controller. There's a simple way to make sure you have all the online friends you need to boost your rank in Destiny 2 and it doesn't involve sending messages to everyone you know asking for a 12-digit code or using a D-pad to spell everyone's email address correctly.


I rely on one song to be my psych-up music before job interviews: the theme from the 2011 video game Skyrim. The only place I've found the right version of this song is on YouTube -- the midi and orchestral arrangements just don't cut it. But every time I'm in one of these high-stakes moments, I inevitably navigate away from YouTube, or just lock my phone and the stirring chants of Dovahkiin! abruptly cut out.


Movie theatres are a nightmare. They're expensive, they're loud -- but most importantly, I can't start and stop the movie. At home, I rarely make it through a movie without pausing at least once for a snack refill and a bathroom break. That alone makes home rental better than the theatre. One thing would change my mind: Intermissions at the theatre.


Sometimes all I need in this crazy world is a brisk walk to clear my head and some good music bumping through my headphones. But when that simple pleasure is interrupted every morning by my partner issuing voice commands while I'm out of the house, silencing the music in my headphones, it can be a tad frustrating. It's especially irksome when the root cause is the multiple user preferences of my Google Home, a voice assistant that is there to, ostensibly, make my life a little easier.


Really good, expertly made cocktails can cost a pretty penny, and I'm OK with that. What I'm not OK with, however, is paying $20 for an over-shaken beverage garnished with sad, dried-out fruit. Any bar can claim to make "craft" cocktails, but how can you be sure you're getting what you pay for?