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Dear Lifehacker, I'm generally pretty organised (full time work and study makes it a necessity) but this is being hampered by the fact that I can't get my calendar(s) straight. I create an event on my phone that doesn't come through on my Mac, my events at work only appear sometimes, and my classes all seem to appear twice! I keep tinkering but I can't seem to get the various applications (iCal, Google and Outlook, plus feeds for university stuff, FB events, Meetup events and holidays) to play nice with each other. Any advice on making on making it work?


Hi Lifehacker, I am about to visit a holiday home from friends and I will be using their 4G connection while I'm there. However, I have my Mac set up so it syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive. Is there an app out there which will let me switch on/off which apps I allow to use bandwidth so I don't use their 4G data needlessly?


Mac: If you're an iPhone or iPad user, you know how nice it is that iCloud manages to sync all your Safari tabs across computers. Unfortunately, that's not really useful if you don't use Safari on your Mac. CloudyTabs is an app that sits in your menubar and shows you all your open tabs on different devices. Click on one, and it opens in your default browser on your Mac.


Windows/Mac/iOS/Android: Storing and syncing your files to a cloud service like Dropbox is fine for most people. If you'd prefer a little more privacy, AeroFS is a service that allows you to sync the contents of a folder between devices and access it from anywhere without storing your data on a third-party server.