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Peels from "regular" ol' white potatoes can be made into a tasty, crispy snack with relative ease, but sweet potato peels are a bit fibrous for chomping on, no matter how you treat them. They do, however, have a bit of sweet potato left clinging to them, and that can be used to infuse a bottle of bourbon.


Some people prefer sweet foods, others savoury. Sweet potato is equipped to handle both. Not only are these babies the perfect base for all sorts of fillings, they provide a bit more flavour (and nutrients) than their paler counterparts, and can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night. Here are three delicious options for breakfast, lunch and tea.


You usually have some leftover mash after a big baked dinner. (It's one of those things it can't hurt to make too much of.) This goes doubly for mashed sweet potatoes, which aren't to everyone's taste. Next time, instead of nuking - and ruining - your leftovers in the microwave, try creating this crispy potato pizza instead.