Should You Let Your Kids Curse?

Over the holidays, I played a game with my family. My three nieces were at the table, so I did my best to clean up my potty mouth. I was so proud of myself for producing “crap” and “frick” instead of The Bad Words.

What To Do When Kids Swear 

Photo: hidesy/Shutterstock Kids talk a lot. Parents usually respond with a nod or chuckle or maybe a glazed-over look when it’s already 18 minutes past bedtime and they’re still dissecting the tropes of the My Little Pony movie, but every now and then, they will hear a word and gasp.

If You Want To Bond With Someone, Swear With Them

Our modern culture has some strange taboos. While many of us are comfortable watching exceedingly adult shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, swearing at the dinner table is right out. However, if you want to bond with someone, dropping a few profanities might be a good idea.