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I always wanted to be a writer, at least as soon as I stopped wanting to be a private detective. But from the day I landed my first writing job, I was already planning on how to get some other, better job. For years I kept daydreaming about the ever-changing dream job (usually some form of screenwriting because I’m that kind of cliché), always comparing it to my “real” job.


The Economist, famed enemy of billionaire worship, says the media (and its consumers) have an unhealthy obsession with the work habits of successful businesspeople, especially their long hours and early mornings. By acting like getting up at 5:30AM is what made these people rich and powerful, we ignore the obvious, says the socialist outlet.


What would you try in your professional life if you weren't afraid of failing? Would you finally write that book of short stories? Strike out and open your own shop? Convince your manager you deserve to be in charge of a larger team?


We all have those people in our lives. You know the ones. They're on top of their work and social lives and never turn up to the office with coffee spilled down the front of their shirts.

They're accomplished for a reason. They recognise that the morning sets the entire tone for the rest of the day and utilise it in effective ways. We don't expect you to nail all of these immediately, but here are some of the most popular and time friendly morning habits of successful CEOs and business leaders.


What did you do when you woke up this morning? If you crawled out of bed and trudged straight to work after hitting the snooze button numerous times, you clearly haven't begun the week on the best footing. According to the world's business elite, having a set Monday routine can pay dividends to your health, happiness and ability to get ahead -- both in your professional and personal life. Here are seven Monday hacks employed by famously successful people to start your week off in the best possible way.