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The era of owning the mobile phone apps you pay for could be on the wane. There is mounting evidence that Google is working on a new 'Play Pass' subscription service for the Android platform. Instead of paying for individual app downloads, users will be charged a flat, monthly fee to access multiple applications. Here's what we know so far.


I recently wrote about the creeping costs associated with subscription services. So, in an effort to better manage my monthly spending I've been looking at where I'm spending my dollars. One of the services I've been subscribed to is Adobe Creative Cloud. For almost $30 per month I had access to one app - InDesign - that I was using with one client. But I no longer need the app. And I discovered Adobe's exit fees were nothing short of exhorbitant.


Android/iOS: If you've ever been a paying Headspace customer, you know the tyranny of the Packs. A pack is a course of meditations, each building on the next. But if you were working through the Anxiety pack, and wanted to check out Creativity one, you'd lose all your progress. Until today.