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In a wide ranging discussion at the recent Splunk.conf held in Orlando, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke about the qualities he sees as most valuable in today's aspiring technologists. He also discussed the importance of marketing and in creating products that attract people rather than locking them in and where education fits in.


Best known as one of Apple's three co-founders (Ronald Wayne left the company in the early days before they made it big), Steve Wozniak, AKA Woz, is a sought after public speaker and is still heavily involved in the tech industry. And while he''s done all sorts of interesting things like spending almost a decade teaching kids about tech, playing Segway polo and being a co-founder of there EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), he's also well known for practical jokes.


A lot of ink has been spilled discussing Facebook's recent woes and how they have abused the trust of their two billion members. But most of us either willingly or negligently hand over personal data to apps in a trade off between privacy and accessing apps, quizzes, content or other media that is distributed through Facebook. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has announced that he is leaving Facebook but that he would come back if he could pay for a more private Facebook experience.