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  • The Books That Broke Through the Noise of 2020

    The Books That Broke Through the Noise of 2020

    In the early days of the pandemic, my social media feeds were filled with people boasting about all the reading they were getting done during quarantine, which only made me wonder when they were finding time to nurse their anxieties and care for their suddenly omnipresent children. Certainly for as many of us who plowed…

  • Our Favourite Purchases Of 2019

    They say money can’t buy happiness, but I’m not convinced. Some purchases can make your life easier or more enjoyable, which contributes to your overall happiness. Don’t believe me? I asked the Lifehacker staff what purchases they found most valuable this year (beyond the everyday essentials, of course). From one-time splurges to ongoing investments, these…

  • What Books To Read This Winter

    While we love tech at Lifehacker, the best format for reading is still the humble paperback – readable in bright sunlight, light enough to throw in a bag, easy to share with mates. But whatever format you read in, here are the books the Lifehacker staff recommends this winter.