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Android/iOS: Sunscreen isn’t just for preventing sunburns. The sun’s rays are responsible for much of the wrinkling, thickening and brownish spots that show up over time, especially on light skin. Fortunately, a good broad-spectrum sunscreen will protect you, and this app simulates exactly how much.


In theory, SPF 50 and SPF 100 are very similar sunscreens: one blocks 98 per cent of UVB rays, and the other blocks 99 per cent. The problem is, nobody applies the amount of sunscreen that will get you the SPF listed on the bottle. So in reality you're getting very different protection out of those two bottles.


Sunscreen is sunscreen, so you'd think the way you apply it doesn't really matter. However, choosing between cream or lotion and a spray-on sunscreen can impact the likelihood you'll use it, the amount of coverage on your skin, and even the actual protection you get. Let's find out which might be better for you in this sunscreen showdown.