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Firefox only: Firefox has long had a handy built in spellchecker, great for proof reading emails, blog posts and other communications. What if you want to use the built-in spellchecker on a static web page however? Use this bookmarklet.


Windows only: Freeware application Enso Words adds an always-accessible universal spell checker and dictionary to Windows. Enso Words is very similar to the much-maligned (by me, mainly) Enso Launcher, but focuses on, obviously enough, words. Highlight any text on your computer, invoke Enso Words, and type the spellcheck command for a quick spell check and autosuggest corrections. Enso Words also integrates with web searches at Answers.com to provide definitions or synonyms of either selected words or words you type into the define command. For other universal spellcheck alternatives, check out previously mentioned tinySpell and CleverKeys. Enso Words


Typos are bad enough when they result in gibberish like "procedurw," but words that are close together and technically correct—like "manager" and "manger"—will easily slip by Word's spell check. If you find yourself making those kind of situational typos often, the Productivity Portfolio blog can walk you through creating an "Exclude Dictionary" to have Word's checker prompt you whenever it finds certain words. That way, you're the one who decides whether you meant the guy who deploys and manages work or the staple of nativity scenes. What are your biggest spell-check frustrations? Offer up your knuckle-whitening gripes in the comments.
Catch Mistakes with Word Exclude Dictionary