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  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Galaxy S9: What’s Different?

    Samsung has released another infographic showing all the ways its latest Galaxy phone improves upon its predecessor. If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S9, is the tenth-anniversary Galaxy S10 worth upgrading to? If you have neither, should you save a few hundred bucks and buy last year’s model instead? Read the infographc to find…

  • Specs Showdown: iPhone XS Vs iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S9

    Apple has announced three new phones this morning, and we’re here to put them to the test to see how much of an improvement they bring to what’s already on the market. We’re putting the upgraded iPhone XS and the ‘budget’ model iPhone XR to the test against Samsung’s most recent flagship, the Galaxy S9.

  • Specs Showdown: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone X

    With the Galaxy S9, Samsung has vaulted to the top of ‘New Phone’ pile with consumers once again asked to decide which manufacturer gets their hard-earned bucks. The S9 is a step up from the S8, but how does it stack up with Apple’s iPhone X? It’s Apple vs Samsung, flagship vs flagship; who comes…