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Video: It’s Autism Awareness Month, and to honour it, Sesame Street is showing us how to better support kids on the spectrum. They’ve released a few new short videos featuring Julia, the show’s first character with autism.


Sha Sha Chu is the Android platform tech lead at Pinterest, the site that lets us keep all our favourite inspirational quotes, Instant Pot recipes and potential paint colours for the guest bathroom in one tidy place. Her first years of motherhood haven't been easy, but she's managing to make it all work. Here's how she parents.


Little kids are notoriously difficult to dress. Any parent who’s experienced a closet standoff with a naked child six minutes before they’re supposed to be at the bus stop can confirm. It could be that the kid is extremely picky or acting out of defiance, but what if it’s more than that? What if the issue is seriously impacting your family?