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  • You Should Pour Boiling Water on Your Chicken Thighs

    You Should Pour Boiling Water on Your Chicken Thighs

    Even before the pandemic, I never attended many conferences, food-focused or otherwise. I do, however, enjoy them. The last one I went to was a sous-vide conference in 2019, and I met a lot of interesting people there, including Cole Wagoner, who at the time was working for Anova Culinary.

  • How To Make Precision Cooked Japanese Omelettes

    My love for tamagoyaki has been well documented, as has my antipathy towards single-use appliances. The latter, paired with a very small kitchen, has kept me from purchasing the square pan required for making the little grilled egg squares, which is sad because I love them so.

  • Precision Cook Your Own Excellent Cold Cuts

    I love pork. Cured pork, uncured pork, roasted pork and breaded pork. I love the whole range of ham — from the cheapest mechanically formed slices to acorn-fed iberico. Most pork preparations are easy enough to DIY, but “homemade cold cuts” is not a phrase you hear very frequently, which is too bad, because they’re…