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Heartfelt apologies can be tough; admitting you were wrong requires introspection, humbling yourself, being vulnerable. But the gracelessness of the person accepting the apology too often exacerbates an already uncomfortable situation.

Redditor u/shakakhon posted in r/LifeProHacks about the worst way to react to an apology.


Last week, I sent an email in which "Sorry about that!" was my automatic reply — I had forgotten something, and the person's curt message made clear that they were less than pleased with me. But after a minute of consideration, I took out the "sorry" and told them I'd do what they were requesting ASAP. I did, the task got done and everyone was fine. No harm, no foul.


If you have a baby, and if something is wrong with that baby (something always seems wrong), somebody will suggest that you take your baby to a chiropractor. Perhaps you will hear this recommendation even when nothing is wrong. Friends, do not take your baby to the chiropractor.


For all the talk of "toxins" in our food, one definitely toxic substance you consume regularly is probably one you're not even concerned about: Alcohol. A new report shows that even one drink a day may increase your risk of breast cancer, although the risk is small.