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Make your online life more productive and more surprising by catching up and following anyone who is already watching you on Twitter. (It's OK to ignore obvious robots, trolls and weirdos). If anyone can recommend a tool that makes sorting through followers easier than Twitter's own rather basic web interface, let us know in the comments.


OK, we know that the weekend shouldn't be for work, but having ran a couple of suggestions about ways you might go about asking for a pay rise this week, the time is ripe to put some serious planning into it. If you're happy with your job but feel you deserve more, work out just how much more. If you're sure there's not much extra money, think about asking for better conditions such as working from home. If you're in a very high-demand industry, look at trading off options such as avoiding sick days for better pay. And if you're not happy with your job, spend some time on Saturday morning scouting out new options!


There's been a lot of blather this week about environmental issues, tying in with World Environment Day -- but for PC owners, enabling power management remains the most straightforward way of making a difference. The Computers Off campaign has detailed guides for enabling the power management options on a variety of OSes.


Last weekend, I indulged in some entirely unseasonal spring cleaning
activity and took the cudgels to my Facebook profile. I attacked my
Applications list and got rid of all those stupid quizzes people had nagged me
to take, and I ditched a whole bunch of random groups (sadly, I never did get
around to panic buying carrots on May 15). End result? A much less cluttered
profile and a renewed enthusiasm for the site. Take a few minutes to clean up
your profile; you'll be glad you did.