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Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular investment in Australia. Last year, more than 9500 solar panels were installed each day on average. However, there is still a lot of information out there about solar, particularly when it comes to upkeep, reliability and cost. Here are five myths that prospective first-time buyers need to know.


You may have heard about Australian Chief Scientist Alan Finkel's review into Australia's electricity network. You may also have read about its implications on the industry or the environment, but you're probably still wondering what exactly it will mean for you and your electricity bill. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Finkel review's blueprint for Australian electricity.


Back in May, 2015, we crunched the payback figures for the Powerwall, based on an assumed Australian cost and example electricity prices. Now there are local installed costs available, we have broken out the calculator and gone over the figures. The question is, can the Powerwall give a decent payback time?


Web site Appropedia describes in impressive detail how to convert your gas-powered lawnmower to solar power. The process involves some serious hacking of your original push mower and an investment in parts, but when you're finished you'll be hacking down grass with nothing but the power of the sun. Not bad for a weekend project, if a little on the expensive side. Solar Charged Lawnmower