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Developers are a highly sought after these days as mobile and web applications are now a big deal for consumers and businesses. As such, the average salary for developers has increased significantly. If you're an organisation looking to recruit a developer, it's tempting to hiring one that doesn't demand much money so you can cut down on costs on the get-go. However, that can lead to big problems later down the track. Here's why.


Most people are familiar with firmware on a very basic level given that they are often prompted to download firmware updates on computing devices such as smartphones, laptops, printers and routers. Yet many are oblivious to the potential security risks that firmware can bring. To address this, Google's malware scanning service VirusTotal can now help users identify harmful firmware.


When you're working on an app, as an individual or in a team, it's easy to let some of the smaller problems slide such as bugs that are not deemed to be high priority. But these small issues can pile up and before you know it they turn into a big problem that you can't ignore. Here are four simple rules to fix this.