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It’s no secret why burger chains like Grilled, BL Burgers, and Lord Of The Fries are having such a moment. Their thin, moderately-sized burger patties show a deep and abiding understanding of what makes a good cheeseburger: a reasonable portion size, seamless integration with the bun and toppings, and of course lots and lots of salty, crispy, cracklin’ burger crust.

I’m not saying that thick, pub-style burgers with minimum crust and maximum unseasoned cow mush don’t have their place; it’s just that their place is some lonely (but charming) watering hole in Great Britain with a pint of too-warm beer.


Burgers have gotten out of hand. Not only are bistro pubs and hip bars topping them with everything from avocado to pork belly (both of which detract and distract), but the patties themselves are just too darn thick. A burger is not a steak; a burger is a sandwich, and a sandwich is about balance between all the fillings.