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Portable gadgets have become a permanent fixture in our everyday lives. Whether you're into social media, gaming, texting or videos, they're a great way to stay occupied when you need to kill some time. But they could also be making our species gradually dumber.


BlackBerry Z10 smartphone owners in Australia can now download the latest operating system update; BlackBerry 10.1. The updated OS ushers in a raft of new features including improved cursor control, new Blackberry Hub tools and a high-dynamic-range camera mode.


The next time a 20-something colleague offers you the use of their phone, you might want to handle with extreme care. A new survey from networking giant Cisco has confirmed Generation Y has a (literally) unhealthy addiction to their smartphones -- in addition to texting while driving, many freely admit to using their phones in the bathroom.


One of my main reasons for using a BlackBerry has always been that I do a lot of writing and text manipulation on my phone while travelling, and for those purposes a well-designed built-in keyboard is essential. But I've had to face facts: in recent months, I've been using its touch-screen interface a lot more than I realised.


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Android (with Windows): To unofficially tether and use your Android's mobile web on your laptop, you previously had three options: rooting, wonky proxies and purchasing PDAnet. Now there's formerly BlackBerry-only Tether, at about the same price as PDAnet. What's the difference?


Got Android envy? Just wish Apple handled sync, the web and openness a bit better? Well, you can't have it all but if you want to bring more Google paradigms to your iPhone here's how to do it.