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How To Get Better At Small Talk

How To Get Better At Small Talk

On this smaller episode we’re diving into the topic of small talk. Is it there real value in shooting the breeze, or is it just inane jibber-jabber? Wherever you stand on the topic, you’re going to be called on to engage in small talk sooner or later — so how…

Why You Should Get Good At Small Talk

Small talk gets a lot of backlash; most people seem to think they’re too important to discuss the weather. It’s true that some small talk can feel shallow or boring, but it serves an important purpose. That’s why everyone should learn how to do it well.

How To Remember People You Meet At Networking Events

You go to networking events to meet people, but how do you remember them after you head home after a few glasses of wine? Remembering names can be difficult all on its own. When you meet a ton of people at the same time, that problem only gets worse. However,…