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  • FFS, Sunscreen Isn’t Bad for You

    FFS, Sunscreen Isn’t Bad for You

    If you’re trying to get views on social media, it’s hard to do it by telling people things they already know are true. Instead, you’ve got to surprise them: crunches are bad now, raw meat is good for you, and sunscreen — plain old uncontroversial sunscreen — is now supposedly causing cancer.

  • Don’t Give Yourself A ‘Sunburn Tattoo’

    I hate to talk people out of something that is easy, whimsical, and almost free. But here goes: it’s best not to give yourself a sunburn tattoo. Or to let your kids give themselves sunburn tattoos. Summer is approaching sooner than you’d think, but that doesn’t mean you should look forward to roasting yourself at…

  • ‘DNA Repairing’ Sunscreens Might Actually Work

    ‘DNA Repairing’ Sunscreens Might Actually Work

    The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to our skin cells because it damages our DNA. That’s why sun exposure can cause cancer, and why sunscreen is so important (even apart from its power to prevent sunburns). There are sunscreens that claim they can help your skin repair that damage — and, it turns out, they…