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Is it OK to put a boy and a girl in the bathtub together? What should you do if a classmate from your kid’s preschool comes over for a play date and you find the two of them “playing doctor” from the waist down? And what if your child asks to examine your private parts and that makes you feel weird?


Our Bodies, Ourselves began as a pamphlet on women's health in the early 1970s, but soon became the go-to textbook for every young (and old) person with questions about anything to do with puberty, sex, even relationships. The book has been released and updated in numerous editions over the decades, but all good things must come to an end; the non-profit responsible for OBOS has just announced that they are shifting to a volunteer-only model, which means that updates will be few and far between.


A lot of people get squirrely about the testicles because they're afraid of hurting the guy attached to them. Testicles are sensitive, true, but that can work both ways -- handling them can also be extremely pleasurable for the testicle-haver. Here's your guide to playing with testicles.