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Windows only: Reader Daniel tracks his to-do list using Microsoft Outlook's Tasks, but hates having to switch into Outlook to create a new one every time. Instead, he added a custom shortcut to his Quick Launch bar that automatically creates a new task that he can fill in and drag and drop files onto.


Sometimes, cancelling a service that you don't want or need anymore can be a giant pain in the behind. However, calling outside of regular business hours might turn the tide your way: The biggest tip is to call well outside of normal business hours -- in my company, customer service was open 24/7, but the retention department closed in the evening. If you call, say, before bed, or during the middle of the night, you'll just be talking to a regular CS rep who has no incentive whatsoever to keep you as a customer. It can turn a twenty minute phone call into a two minute phone call. If you've ever had to deal with pushy reps this could be a lifesaver. What's your best tip for getting out of services you don't want? Thoughts in the comments.
How to cancel a service


Schedule free wake-up calls and reminders online with web site Wakerupper. Just enter the time and date you want your call, your timezone, phone number, email address, and an optional bit of reminder text that will be played text-to-speech style when you get the call. The site requires no registration, though registration is possible if you want to use the service for more than the occasional one-off wake-up call. Most of us have learned to use our cell phones as anywhere alarms, but if you're paranoid about waking up when you're travelling or before an important meeting, Wakerupper is a useful tool for creating anywhere, anytime wake-up calls (a little redundancy is always calming).


There may be ancient evolutionary impulses behind modern-day office politics. If human nature is shaped by our monkey pasts, and the tens of thousands of years our species spent as hunter-gatherers, we might want to use some 100,000 year-old solutions to fights over the printer, snarky sysadmins, and lateral promotions. In that spirit, Stanford neuroscientist and author Robert M. Sapolsky offers Lifehacker some lessons from human prehistory to solve modern-day office dilemmas.


Wired Wiki has a nice writeup of how to maximise your Flickr usage. They've thrown in some basic tips as well as a number of alternative apps or plugins for customising tasks like uploading photos. Nice to see them offering some Linux alternatives and Python gets a mention too.

It also rounds up some tools for uploading pictures to Flickr using mobile devices and email:

"Not many people know this, but you can also use Google's free Picasa application to send photos to Flickr via GMail. As of version 2.0, you can e-mail directly to Flickr from the Picasa app, which will even automatically resize your photos before sending them. Just use the aforementioned Flickr e-mail address and send your pics from GMail."

If you're a dinosaur like me who's still using Photobucket, this might kick you along to try out Flickr. :)

Get the Most Out of Flickr


Sure we love our Tab Mix Plus, but there's a ton of tabbed browsing features baked right into Firefox that don't necessitate the extra baggage of an extension. Power web surfers need close control of the dozens of tabs they chew through in a day. From extensive keyboard shortcuts to configuration tweaks to mouse manipulation, today we've got our top 10 favourite Firefox extension-free tabbed browsing tips.


CEO Michael Hyatt says he learned his lesson when it comes to sending angry email:
Several years ago, I wrote a fourteen-page diatribe to a business associate. I skewered him. I was right. He was wrong. And I had the proof. I laid it out in meticulous detail. I prosecuted my case like a lawyer before the bar. I sent it off with fire in my eyes and a healthy does of self-satisfaction in my heart. That'll show him, I thought.


MEGATONik managed to snap up this leaked songlist for Guitar Hero 3 before it was deleted from the forums over at ScoreHero.

I'm still hanging out for Rock Band, because Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult is one of my all-time favourites. Ever since I heard it during the end credits for Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, I've been in love.

But enough of that. GH3 is due out in October, so it won't be too much longer until we can play these tunes.

Full list after the jump!

Rumor: Guitar Hero 3 setlist leaked


Pixar's latest movie, Ratatouille, opens in Australia today. To celebrate Pixar in all its geeky goodness, we interviewed expat Aussie and Pixar Image Mastering Engineer Dominic Glynn on his job at Pixar, the tech tools he uses at work and play, and of course how he landed a job with probably the most cutting edge animation studio in the world.

Read on for the full interview including Dominic's tips for working with images, and why his car doubles as a UFO. :)

Oh, and don't forget to enter our Ratatouille competition - it closes tomorrow!