Make A Flavorful, Summery Salad By Treating Watermelon Like Poké

Watermelon sprinkled with a little sea salt is one of my favourite summery flavour combinations — and I thought I was super fancy when I paired it with feta – but this watermelon “pokeacute” from Bon Appetit takes the sweet + savoury factor to a whole new place.

How To Fry Herbs, And What To Do With Them

Photos by Claire Lower Most home cooks are aware that adding a smattering of fresh herbs to their dishes is an easy (and fairly cheap) way to elevate them to new, flavorful heights, but too few of them employ the power of the fried fresh herb.

Make This Mediterranean Spice Blend And Use It On Everything 

I first had za’atar, a Mediterranean spice blend featuring thyme, sumac and sesame seeds, in Israel, and it was a revelation. This savoury seasoning powder was good on almost everything — from seared lamb to yogurt — and I don’t know why it never occurred to me to just make…