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Today Samsung revealed the "second chapter" in smartphone technology. Dubbed ‘Infinity Flex Display’, it is set to power the first generation of foldable Galaxy smartphones - and we've seen the first one in the flesh. Here's how it works.


While I haven't met anyone who is desperate for a folding phone of their own, many people are nevertheless curious about what such a phone would look like, feel like and operate like. New information out of Bloomberg has unearthed an Aladdin's cave of insights on the upcoming prototype.


Over the past few months, the most exciting thing in smartphone news has been Samsung's foldable 'Galaxy X' - an all-new product category that has the potential to transform mobile computing. In response, Apple appears to be fast-tacking plans to release a rival product of its own. No, really.

The US Patent and Trademark Office just awarded a new foldable phone patent to Apple with a curious magnetic hinge. In other words, the battle is on. Here are the details.


Fresh details have emerged about Samsung's foldable smartphone concept - a product tentatively dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X. According to Samsung's DJ Koh, the X won't fold into a smaller form factor to enhance portability. Instead, it will go in the opposite direction, unfurling from a large phone into a full-fledged tablet. Here are the details.

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DJ Koh has been at it again. After letting slip about the Note 9 before it launched, he has now also revealed some details about Samsung's highly anticipated foldable phone -- which is on track for being a world-first.

It doesn't have an official name, but it is generally referred to as the Samsung Galaxy X. These are the details we have so far.


Samsung's mobile division chief DJ Koh likes dropping bombshells. Last month, he casually revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ahead of its official launch. Last night, during an interview with CNBC, he made some huge revelations about the fabled Samsung Galaxy X smartphone.

Apparently, the model will be available much sooner than previously thought with a launch event tentatively scheduled for early November. In the words of Koh: "It's time to deliver."


Samsung's folding 'Galaxy X' is one of the industry's worst-kept secrets. The company showed off a prototype at IFA 2018 and explicitly named "foldable OLED smartphones" as one of its key products for the next financial year.

Previously, it had been assumed that the Galay X would be offered in extremely limited quantities to gauge consumers' interest in this new, experimental form factor. However, a new report from Samsung suggests that there are much grander plans in store for this technology.


Rumours of a foldable smartphone or tablet have abounded over the last year or so with both Samsung and Microsoft rumoured to be creating new devices that can be doubled over making them small to carry but offering much larger displays.

Reports are coming in that Samsung's new foldable device - codenamed Galaxy X - will be coming in early 2019. It will be larger than any smartphone before it - with an eye-watering price tag to match.