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The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has been crowned the king of the Androids. However, with Oreo support on the way, many are wondering whether the stylus-equipped Note8 might be a better buy - especially now that it's a little cheaper.

For the perennial fence-sitter, it's now time to make a decision: do you stump up the cash for the sleekest and shiniest Galaxy phone on the market, or plump for its immediate predecessor? Let's take a look at the specs to see which one comes out on top.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 has landed in Australia and while cosmetically, it doesn't change the formula too much, under the hood it's got a lot going on and puts itself high on the list of Android devices that you should be looking at.

But is it worth your time? Let's find out.


Samsung will unveil their latest flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress tomorrow morning, but if you simply cannot wait to see what exactly the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will do differently - you're in luck. Samsung have accidentally uploaded a launch video that reveals some of the S9's features a little early.