samsung galaxy s8

  • Revealed: The Phone With The Fastest 4G Speeds (For Now)

    Revealed: The Phone With The Fastest 4G Speeds (For Now)

    Nobody likes waiting for stuff to load on their phone. Whether it’s blank webpages or streaming sites buffering, we look to our handheld computers for an instant connection and instant gratification, and it’s just so annoying when they fail us—or take forever to load a silly video.

  • Woolworths Has A Cracker Of A Samsung Galaxy S8 Deal

    We’ve already looked at the best Samsung Galaxy S8 plans from each Australian telco. Now, Woolies has pulled a rabbit out of its hat with a new plan boasting 12GB of data for $92 a month. If you require more than 10GB of data, this is the best deal we’ve seen from any telco so…

  • Samsung’s DeX Station Converts Your Galaxy S8 Into An Android PC

    Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S8 is a very powerful smartphone. It’s powerful enough that Samsung thinks it can replace your PC — especially if you don’t have incredibly demanding tasks to run. With Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom support, the Galaxy S8 and DeX could be the ultimate solution for any corporate road warriors out…