• Stop Refrigerating Your Watermelon

    Stop Refrigerating Your Watermelon

    Summer is on its way, but the weather here is doing its hardest to convince me otherwise. Constant drizzle punctuated by torrential downpours, grey skies, and hail of all sizes are the consistent, oppressive norm. The only evidence the seasons are changing is found in the produce aisle. Spring onions, asparagus, and the berries starting…

  • Jackfruit Is Way More Than a Meat Alternative

    Jackfruit Is Way More Than a Meat Alternative

    With a growing need for vegan and vegetarian recipes, creative cooks and food companies have come up with some pretty clever plant-based meat replacements. While this is fantastic for eaters of all stripes, there’s a catch: When large communities or cultures are introduced to an ingredient for the first time as a “vegan meat replacement”…