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  • How to Take a Safe(r) Pandemic Road Trip

    How to Take a Safe(r) Pandemic Road Trip

    However you feel about road trips — whether you rack up the mileage on the regular or are still working through the trauma of family holidays that forced you to pack into a station wagon for hours on end — they are the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • This Is The Best Toddler Travel Snack

    If you parent a toddler, you already know that having an arsenal of snacks while travelling is Of The Utmost Importance. Snacks stave off hanger tantrums, they give you flexibility if your food options are limited and, if you’re flying, the swallowing can help combat middle ear pressure during take-offs and landings.

  • The Best Podcasts To Binge On During A Flight

    It’s rare in this world to have several hours to yourself, with nobody expecting you to be connected to the internet and an almost-comfortable chair to lounge in. So take advantage of your next flight to kick back and binge a really good podcast. Our pals at Lifehacker US put together a list of recommendations…