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Threat actors are refining their methods and are executing malicious acts with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Monzy Merza, the Head of Security Research at Splunk, says that while what the bad guys are doing isn't substantially changing, the landscape they operate in is. With the increased pervasiveness of cloud and mobile apps, we're seeing increased malicious activity across a broader spectrum of surfaces. I asked Merza what we can do about this as well emerging threats such as cryptojacking.


For all the talk of "toxins" in our food, one definitely toxic substance you consume regularly is probably one you're not even concerned about: Alcohol. A new report shows that even one drink a day may increase your risk of breast cancer, although the risk is small.


New drugs are the ones you hear about most. Drug companies can charge more for brand-new drugs before generics horn in on the territory, so it pays to advertise them and to fund studies that get doctors thinking about how great they are. Older drugs don't get as much press.


Automated backup and low installation costs should mean that finance departments embrace the opportunity of cloud computing, yet many remain lukewarm at best about the idea. The main reason? They simply don't like change.