retro week

An Exploration Into Cooking With Lemonade

Mid-century cooking tends to conjure up images of gelatin “salads”, casseroles and banana abuse, but have you heard the good news about cooking with soft drink? It turns out that soft drink — particularly 7 Up — actually has a wide range of culinary uses beyond the drinkable, and we’re…

A Quick Lesson In Essential Diner Lingo

Diners were once the best places to eat. The food was decent and cheap, and the atmosphere was relaxed. And a big part of the fun was the colourful slang diner staff used to communicate with each other. Here’s what all those weird terms mean, hun’.

How To Craft Your Very Own Tiki Drink

Tiki drinks are a super fun way to get hammered, and are, coincidentally, the only type of drink that has caused me to set my pants on fire in public. (Thanks a lot, Smuggler’s Cove.) They are also, generally speaking, harder to make at home than most other cocktails; but…