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Android: EasilyDo, the proactive personal assistant, launched for iOS a few months ago. Now the app is available for Android, and features the same proactive reminders and tools, from reminding you to make dinner reservations to suggesting you get flowers on the way home for your anniversary.


OS X: Apple's Reminders app is far from the most advanced to-do list app out there, but it's dead simple to use and syncs between all of Apple's devices. If you like the Mac version, Remind Me is a must-have add-on that lets you create new to-do items and reminders with just a few taps.


Mac: Pomodorable is the perfect Pomodoro timer and to-do tracker. It uses visual cues to keep you organised and on track, and integrates completely with Reminders in OS X Mountain Lion. Change a to-do in Pomodorable, and it's immediately synced to Reminders.


Android: Always being told by your mother that you don't call often enough? Not staying in touch with enough work clients? Nextcall is a simple Android app which ranks your important contacts based on when you last called them, helping ensure you make regular calls to important people.


Whether you're renting or you own a home, it's easy to let repeated tasks of home maintenance slip your mind. Over on Apartment Therapy they've outlined the five repeating home maintenance tasks most people forget and a simple way to remind yourself to do them.