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Today's best apps and services for search, email, music streaming and to-do management weren't always number one. Some of the apps we loved a long time ago are still out there, updating, adding features and keeping their fans happy even if they don't have what it takes to thrill tech bloggers or stay in the limelight. Here are a few of those old dogs you may remember, and some of the new tricks that make them worth a fresh look.


Windows only: Remember the Milk is a powerful task manager, but most office work puts Outlook in front of you. Now you can bridge your Outlook and RTM tasks with MilkSync, a free download for RTM Pro customers (and 15-day trial for everyone else).


Google Chrome: Web-based task manager Remember the Milk has evened its browser compatibility by releasing a Chrome Extension that can turn starred, labelled or selected Gmail messages into tasks, and let you manage your to-do list from a right-hand panel.