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What on Earth do you say to your spouse after accidentally losing your wedding ring in the ocean? This was the horrifying predicament I found myself in last night. To make matters worse, it was a careless mishap influenced by alcohol. Astonishingly, after explaining this to my wife I wasn't banished to the couch for the night nor quietly bludgeoned to death in my sleep -- instead, she instantly forgave me. If you ever find yourself in a similar dilemma, here's a confessional tip that will greatly increase your odds of surviving the fallout.


Choosing "who to visit" is a challenge every time Christmas or another holiday rolls around, but the longer you and your significant other wait to plan, the harder the decision will be. Deciding which family to visit for the holidays can be a tug of war, but here are some tips to help you decide and make the visit a little less stressful.