How To Break Up With Someone Kindly

Sometimes at the end of a relationship, we’re so sure we want nothing to do with the other person that we’re happy to scorch the earth with the break up conversation. But it’s probably better to do it with some compassion and empathy.

How To Handle The End Of A Business Relationship

Since the journalism industry gets upended once a month or so, I consider myself an expert in business relationships — namely, what to do when you lose your primary career, your side-gig, your lucrative project, or even your relationship with a person who has been your lifeline to a particular…

What To Do When Your Friends Have Broken Up With Each Other

Late one night last year, I was sitting in my apartment doing some work when my phone rang. It was my close friend, *Alex. Alex was dating another one of my good friends, Sonia, and she had brought him up to Michigan to meet her family. I assumed they were…