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Telstra is in a bit of a crisis mode. With its share price tumbling to a five-year low, a decline in mobile and fixed line revenues and ongoing issues with its network, it has become clear that a change is in order. That change came today, with Telstra CEO Andy Penn announcing the "Telstra2022" initiative.

In short, this is a major restructuring of the company that will see the creation of a new infrastructure business, a simplification of Telstra's product offerings and the axing of 8000 jobs. Here's what you need to know.


Hi Lifehacker, I'm after some help regarding my mothers current work situation. She was made redundant two weeks ago. Staff were given redundancy notifications by letter and the employer had them sign an acceptance letter. My mother did not receive the redundancy contract and now the company is saying that there is no ‘redundancy contract’ at all. She swears that she signed one. Will she still receive a redundancy package?


I lost my job last week. A tap on the shoulder and a meeting in the HR room was all it took to pour a pit of hot concrete into my stomach with the realisation that, welp, I’m not needed here anymore. I won’t need to make those rush-hour morning commutes, or stay back late during deadlines, or hold in my farts in the lift. I won’t need to do any of those things, because I don’t have a job. So, honestly, what follows is advice that I’m going to need as much as anyone else in this boat. Being made redundant sucks.