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Microsoft wants Windows 10 to take over computers big and small so it has released Windows 10 IoT Core, a new edition of the OS catering to developers for embedded devices. These days, everything from fridges to cars have computers on-board, a scenario known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and Microsoft wants a big chunk of that pie. Here's how the "light" version differs.


The Raspberry Pi 2 was announced last week to mostly positive reactions from enthusiasts, despite no warning of its impending release. The upgraded board computer boasts a quad-core 900MHz ARMv7 SoC and 1GB of RAM over its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi B+, while retaining the same dimensions and a good deal of backwards-compatibility. The Pi 2 arrived at the perfect time for me -- I wanted to build a media centre with some flexibility, and the board offered the perfect compromise between tweaking and ease-of-use.