• When to Drop Out of a Race Due to Heat

    When to Drop Out of a Race Due to Heat

    Throughout this brutally hot summer, I’ve been running a number of small road races (like one-km and 5Ks), with the ultimate goal of competing in a half-marathon in October, and in my next full marathon in November 2023. These summer races have all sucked. It’s hot out there. Still, like most runners, I bristle at…

  • How To Watch Old Forester’s ‘Kentucky Turtle Derby’ Tonight

    Today was the original date for the Kentucky Derby. While the actual event has been rescheduled for September, a number of Derby-related activities are happening this weekend including a mint julep course from the Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve, a virtual horse race broadcast on live TV, and now an Turtle Derby.

  • How Important Is Accuracy To You In Racing Movies?

    Any time Hollywood gets its hand on a good idea for a movie, there’s a pretty good chance that you can count on some details being dramatized and falsified in order to keep with the whole movie appeal thing. But how important is that accuracy to you when it comes to racing movies?

  • How To Prepare For A Big Race Without Losing Your Mind

    The last few weeks before a marathon are a special kind of hell. For months, your top priority has been training consistently. Now, all of a sudden, your runs are getting shorter. Some of them drop off your calendar altogether. It’s new territory, both mentally and physically, and it’s totally normal to kind of freak…