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I’ve spent most of my life looking up at pull-up bars, wishing I could ascend to their height. Sometimes I would train hard, and I would get one (1) pull-up. But then I’d slack off for a hot minute, and I’d be back down to zero. I’m a cis woman, not particularly gifted with upper-body muscle. But last year I decided I was going to focus on building the strength to do pull-ups, plural, and by god I did.


The journey from zero pull-ups to one pull-up is long, difficult, and may at times seem insurmountable. And then once you get there, victory is fleeting: Every set you attempt contains one measly rep. Either way, you're going to need some ways to bring that lofty exercise down to earth.


Pull-ups and chin-ups are both great strength-building bodyweight exercises, but they're not the same exercise. People tend to use them interchangeably, but the differences are distinct enough that you should avoid lumping them together.