How To Self-Publish A Book

So you want to self-publish your book? You’re in good company. Plenty of authors have gone ahead of you, working to prove that high-quality books can hold their own in the marketplace without the support of a traditional publisher. Amazon, of course, has changed the entire publishing landscape, but authors…

IO Is A Free, Lightweight Writing Tool And Publishing Platform

If you feel like tossing off a quick blog post, personal essay or anonymous rant and don’t want to set up a whole new blog on something like WordPress, IO offers a simple an elegant solution to publish your writing online, no account required.

How To Design Your Own Book With iBooks Author

How To Design Your Own Book With iBooks Author

Apple announced its new education-focused apps last week and with a new version of iBooks it has also released a free tool for making ebooks, iBooks Author. Is this just a niche tool for creating textbooks or is there something useful you can do with it?