• How To Get Started In Microsoft’s New Office App Beta

    Microsoft’s new Office app for iOS and Android, currently in beta, is supposed to be a “one-stop shop” alternative to the mobile Word suite. It combines Office’s three most popular programs—Word, Excel, and Powerpoint—and throws in a bevy of mobile-minded features, like the ability to scan text and tables off paper documents using your phone’s…

  • PowerPoint On iPad Gets Prettier

    PowerPoint for iPad has been updated with PowerPoint Designer – a new tool that gives you suggestions on how to make your presentations clearer and more appealing. PowerPoint Designer can be accessed from the Design tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.

  • Microsoft’s Office Plans Are A Confusing Mess

    Microsoft’s Office Plans Are A Confusing Mess

    Last week, I tried to get a subscription to Microsoft Office. I expected to simply find an Office licence that included what I needed for a simple price. Instead, I discovered that Microsoft’s Office licenses are infuriatingly complex, making it nearly impossible for anyone to get what they need without overspending.

  • Five Steps To Making A Better Presentation With Prezi

    The term “death by PowerPoint” was coined because so many people have abused the use of PowerPoint presentations. Often they are unnecessarily long and, visually, not that interesting, leaving audiences who have to suffer through them bored out of their minds. This totally defeats the purpose of giving a presentation, which is to engage people…